Planning forthcoming events always gives certainty in the future. Having the clear schedule of events and strategy for search engine optimization helps everyone stay on the top and keep up to date with the contemporary SEO developments.

The top trends in SEO development exist today and are recognized as future tendencies.

The upcoming directions in the development of SEO are important for learning today. This will make things easier for website developers and publishers.

AMP can boost the website in Google ranking positions

Fast loading mobile pages or Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project  from Google is considered one of the principles for ranking in top places of the search engine systems.

The project speeds up the loading for a web page in mobile browsers. Individual pages can be loaded faster than regular pages because they the mobile browsers use less data. If you want to offer clients fast loading mobile version of your website, pay attention to the project of Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Optimization for mobile

As the number of Internet searches with mobile devices increases each year and is outrunning the desktop searches, the tendency in SEO for the future remains – optimization of the websites for mobile is among priorities.

Some experts suppose that Google tests mobile-first indexing approach and that the future of the internet will be truly mobile soon.

The website should be responsive to mobile devices including smart phones and tablets. It gives great opportunities to increase the number of potential clients and visitors.

The commercial websites should make sure that their visitors can easily scroll through the product and services catalogues.

Voice command and search option

Today a great number of users prefer searching in the web with the help of voice command recognition. The expectations of the experts for this option are great. They consider that the overall amount of search results will be for the voice command.

So, today it is essential for SEO content strategy to integrate keywords and phrases with spoken language. Natural speech is preferable.

Brand recognition

In the nearest future more and more companies and businesses will make every effort for increasing their brand appearance on the web. This means that brand recognition and brand strengthening are the parts of brand promotion strategy. If you have your brand on the top of the search engine result pages, you get more clients, increased sales and greater opportunities for development.

Your services and products will be in high demand. You will get great chances to cooperate with other businesses in your sphere. You can spread your brand and increase its recognition with the help of Pinterest, Facebook or YouTube.

What about content?

Content of high value, interesting and current is what you really need. Win your clients with trustworthy, high quality, original texts, reports, posts, reviews of services and products, descriptions and recommendations.

With the help of the content on your website you interact with your target clients, attract new customers and visitors, and involve businesses for cooperation.

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) is a project from Google created to produce really fast mobile pages. Actually it is a stripped-down form of HTML.

In more details AMP is HTML page intended to be extremely facilitated for fast loading.

Google and its partners created this project as an open source with well-designed elements. The whole project is developed for perfect speed when the websites have AMP versions working faster because the HTML is reduced.

The AMP versions show up on mobile devices, tablets which makes it easy to create mobile-friendly content. The project makes more effective the creation of websites and ads that are consistently swift and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms.

AMP Updates from Google

Google has recently released a variety a bunch of Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) updates. The updates include video analytics support, improved responsive-navigation sidebar, fluid ad support and scrolling animations.

By expanding the list of features of AMP, Google makes the project even more open and effective. Special technical updates were released to enhance the ad targeting.

New features explanations

Scrolling animations capability permits having “parallax effects, subtle zoom or fade-in of images, and starting or stopping animations”.

Own video analytics assistance in Accelerated Mobile Page.

The enhanced client ID information makes possible steady ID distinction when the users move from AMP and non-AMP pages.

Fluid or fluent ad support for publishers makes it possible to ask for ads where the ad size is not clear.

AMP project purpose

The project under the name of Accelerated Mobile Pages is positioned as open-source Google project with the intention to speed up the mobile web.

Definitely AMP is targeted at enhancing the transferring or reproduction of content pages on different mobile devices. Today the project received greater possibilities including increases in analytics and ads.

Google makes constant improvements to AMP project by timely updates. For instance, AMP supported mobile shows ads much faster than traditional display ads.

Easy, scroll-bound animations with AMP position observer create supple and productive scroll-bound animations to AMP. The feature can be used to produce parallax effects, subtle zoom or fade in of images, and starting or stopping animations as they pass through the viewport.

AMP sidebar empowers the quick-reacting design. This enables changing the display format from the point of width.

Video analytics in AMP is supported by video triggers and video variables.

Fluid ads allow publishers to ask for ads without information about their size.

Other features such as movements of users between AMP and non-AMP with enhanced Client ID, extension tracking and AMP image lightbox are of great importance for the whole project.

Google plans other updates to improve the features of AMP and give additional support to publishers.

Optimized content which is constantly updated is living and remains living until it is maintained and made effective.

The vivid content is quality content shared in social media, interesting and worth distributing.

Really living content is regularly updated and added to on a regular basis.

The content written primarily for the search engines is oriented to get a higher position in search engine results. Such content has mainly the strong keywords, phrases, but focus is made on volume not on the quality of the content.

The low quality of the content may produce a poor visitor’s experience and  the idea, feeling, or opinion about the web site or page will be formed in a way which will make the visitor not want to come back.

Thus the company, organization or site will lose the potential clients and trust in its reliability.

The content created to impress the search engines, not the visitors cannot be called excellent and high-graded. Only visitors order and buy. If the content is oriented only for search engines, your site will never make profit.

The living content is written for readers, visitors, and it should be written well and logically organized.

The content should possess several very important features. It should be accurate, well-aimed, successful in reaching the intended target, present-day and unique.

The more fresh content is, the more popular, and sharable it becomes. When the trends and wishes of people are taken into consideration, the content is living and deserves paying attention.

Regularly updated content means that pages must not remain static. New information should be added periodically. The new content allows creating new links to older pages and thus, updating them.

Knowing the desires of the visitors, being aware of the new trends and creating related content will attract more and more people to the site.

To improve the quality of content, it is important to discover what people search. The keyword research with the numerous tools can help create the useful content.

Social networks can be the essential way to increase the number of visitors. More people will want to see the content on the site if it is shared in the social pages.

Getting popularity and having increased visitors’ activity is considered being high quality content and it naturally boosts the site to the top results.

HTML is the underlying code used to create web pages and search engines use some specific signals from particular HTML elements such a title tags, Meta description tags, header tags which useful because they reflect some logical structure to a page, allow correct description in search listings.

Knowing the advantages of SEO techniques and creating good high quality content allow you increase the volume of your website or page and establish great perspectives for your company or organization.

Today SEO faces dilemmas and difficult situations demanding fast solutions. SEO strategies need to alter all the time when there are changes in trends, projects and algorithms used by search engines.

SEO is a type of investment in your business. The use of SEO agency or company or hiring some specialists – all of these things mean investing your money. So, having the specific SEO strategy identifies your final targets, builds up your plan of actions and requires the implementation of this plan.

SEO strategies have to live in constantly changing environment created by search engines which switch from ranking factors, modify and introduce new updates, projects, modifications. That is why SEO should be moving, living, changing with accordance to the requirements and alterations created by the search engines.

As the changes happen regularly they should be learned by all the goal players involved in SEO strategy. The large organizations have to organize cooperative work of all the departments involved in SEO and even more.

Any changes great or small should be reported to the team to make sure that everyone is involve and understands how to deal with these changes.

Keeping up with Google modifications involves using new SEO tactics and implement new strategies. Yes, it can be hard thing to do. But it is a part of perfection, constant work to improve.

Businesses have to handle numerous marketing responsibilities, including email marketing, advertising and increasing the new coming visitors’ number. It is a part of regular everyday work and organizing business properly.

SEO involves various aspects of company’s marketing activities which should be executed to achieve the company’s targets.

Showing value is challenging for every website. Still not all the companies can adequately or timely measure SEO value. It should be done step by step to calculate the value through a certain period of time. Evaluation will get you closer to the real results and help you understand what is not perfect and needs dedication.

Reviewing and updating SEO strategy is expected to be a regular action. It means that you analyze and track your results and create new effective strategies to move forward.

When you have formed the confidence and effective strategy, do not forget about changing requirements of search engine. The SEO life is not static, it is growing and changing. So, try to adapt to the altering situations and keep on track with search engines.

If you try optimizing your strategy think about wise changes like using trusted directories, links, create a great content and use social media to produce awareness and links.

Create unique and relevant titles and Meta descriptions on every page of your website. Do not forget that your write for users, not for search engines. Your content should be readable.

Develop relationships with social media wisely. Be exposed to trusted media websites. Start a blog and/or take part in other related blogs with fresh content and well-organized data.

Search engine optimization becomes more powerful and ever changing industry which can be considered as one of the most significant integral parts of marketing plan of actions.

According to statistics businesses are eager to put money in SEO services and industry because it is a real way to expect achieving a profit and great result from optimizing websites, different types of contents.

As the major engines constantly update and refine their algorithms and SERP displays, SEO industry cannot wait any second to react.

The SEO industry needs the absolute understanding how to optimize the websites for search engines, but how the users communicate and cooperate with the web. The techniques of SEO are considered be not the only elements required, but the creativity and ability to produce ideas, flexibility and being ready for new things.

It is not only important to know the information, it is more significant to make use of it. Being attentive to the users’ interests and needs means to find the best ways of creating your own user-friendly experience. The search results are absolutely dependable on the users’ experience. If your users get interest in your content, you will naturally win.

So, it is vital to pay attention to SEO techniques which analyze the users’ behavior, help to create greater content with the purposes to help the users, entertain them, engage them into the process. Track your online marketing attempts – that is a great option to estimate the real quality and accuracy of your site.

If your online business does not use website analytics, you can lose your money and time. The free tools for analytic purposes such as Google Analytics and Search Console help to start with the estimation of your website. If your content is great, create more, if it is not so great, try to investigate why.

One of the three main Google search ranking factors is known as RankBrain. This means that search engines will constantly create something new to learn patterns and understand the content better. This also means that the results of the search will be more accurate.

More new technologies will be used to run search 100%. So, the SEO industry should pay attention to make the content which is personalized and engaging.

And businesses need to add newest things to search strategy to see better results today and tomorrow.

The other very interesting factor for the users is the speed of loading of the site. It is linked to mobile internet which becomes more and more demanding. The project of Google called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is established to speed up the sites loading on mobile devices. The reasons to implement AMP which helps increase the visitors from mobile search devices involve the great impact on your website performance.

Thus, businesses should consider applying AMP if there is a sense to increase the mobile page speed.

The development of businesses always is closely connected with implementation of newest techniques in the field of search engine optimization. If you want to stay in the know, you will pay attention not only to the basics related to SEO techniques, but also have access to more profound knowledge what SEO actually is and what strategies you can apply.

First of all, you should know that SEO needs regular attention. It involves various tactics, processes, tones of connected work. So, lots of SEO experts say that it requires dedication over a long period of time.

For most people this means being patient and wait until the actual results appear. It may take months to see the outcomes of your regular work.

In case you want to devote everything to a professional SEO developing company, do make a research about their competence.  Do not neglect even little aspects like specifics of work, tactics the company uses, risks you can be exposed.

There is also an option of learning SEO techniques by yourself. Lots of excellent online resources and periodicals offer a huge number of articles, reports, documents, reviews, commentary of experts and other interesting things which can be used for self-education in the sphere of SEO.

Before you start using any techniques it is absolutely necessary to understand and identify your goals. Your efforts should be made to attain the goals main and specific but all clearly recognized and established.

Of course, the main thing to begin with, is building the web site which should be great, remarkable and informative. Consider other examples of the web sites which you can compare your site with. Ask yourself the questions: what is different? how you can make your site look and be really great? Be frank to yourself, do not try to hide the imperfections and shortcomings which can naturally occur. Make your site better, think about improvements every now and then.

Do not neglect a site map page. It helps the spiders find the valuable pages on your site, see the hierarchy of the site. For large-scale sites, the experts advise to make several site map pages. They should have from 80 to 100 links.

Your URLs should be SEO-friendly meaning that it is necessary to apply keywords in your URLs and file names. But everything should be well-balanced. Do not use underscores in the file names and URLs, use hyphens.

It is wise to open up a PPC account which is a good method to gain the search volume for keywords. Experts say that it is a good investment for future visibility and appearance of your site.

Creating a trustworthy unique content is one of the most important things to do. It is not a simple task, but makes the site more competitive and arousing curiosity or interest. It helps holding or catching the attention.

On The Page search ranking factors are directly controlled and managed by the publisher. They include content, HTML, keywords, titles and architecture.

The type of publicized content and its quality, the words used, the fresh information and updates- all play a great role in rankings.  A publisher should see about providing important HTML clues that help search engines with determining accuracy and topicality. The site architecture can help or interfere with search engines and so on.

Off The Page ranking factors cannot be directly controlled and influenced by the publisher. They include: links, social, trust and personal. These factors are used to help the publishers in relevancy of their sites. Very often publisher’s attempts to optimize the website do not bring any benefits to the relevancy.  Search engines help to provide more signals to properly assess which are the most needed, most appropriate and the best pages for any search.

Search engine optimization may be too complicated for a beginner. Search engines rank pages with the right combination of ranking factors, or so called right targets. SEO ‘s goal is to guarantee your content produces and answers the right type of targets. There are the major factors helping in search engine ranking success.

Here we will try to picturize the most important things that can help you get traffic from most popular search engines.

There are four main groups of SEO ranking factors:

  • On The Page Ranking Factors
  • Off The Page Ranking Factors
  • Violations
  • Blocking

Each group contains subdivisions:

  • On The Page SEO include: content, HTML, Architecture
  • Off The Page SEO contains: links, social trust, personal information
  • Violations and blocking contain the factors contributing to the blocking of the site

Each of those subdivisions contains one or more SEO factors such as quality of the content, titles, speed, and text, shares, reputation, URLs, link Spa and others.

Generally all factors collaborate with each other. No one SEO factor taken in isolation cannot ensure or warrant search engine rankings. For instance low quality content on the site will spoil the attempts of having high rankings even with great HTML headers. Many links are worthless if they are of low quality. Only having a combination of positive factors can give the more chances for success. Clearly any negative factor can spoil everything.

SEO techniques can be divided into two groups: those that search engines suggest as welcomed projects, and those that search engines disapprove due to certain reasons. The search engines try to neutralize the negative effects of aggressive SEO techniques such as targeted manipulation of indexes of the search engine often called search engine spam. The aggressive methods used by unfair SEO consultants are called black hat SEO against which search engines are fighting all the time.

Some unfair SEOs use invasive marketing efforts to shape search engine results in crooked ways. The methods used by such SEOs may lead to a negative adjustment of any site’s presence in search engine or even to the removal of a site from the indexes.

An SEO technique is beneficial and helpful if it complies with the guidelines of search engines and does not imply cheating. Fair SEO usually follows the guidelines of the search engines and ensure that a user will visit a site with the same content that a search engine indexes and ranks. The main goal of fair SEOs is to generate the content for users, not for search engines, and then making that content easily accessible to the spiders or Web crawler (a special computer program that browses the WWW in automated manner or in an orderly fashion).

The black hat SEO tries to deceive the algorithm and improve rankings with the help of the methods objected by the search engines. One of such techniques is using a hidden text either as text colored similar to the background, positioned off screen. Another technique – cloaking provides a different page from what a user expected to find.

Search engines amerce sites using black hat techniques; they may reduce their rankings or exclude their listings from their databases once and for all.

If you intend to hire a SEO, you should think what you need for your site. The best time to use SEO is when a site requires a redesign, content management or other improvements or when you are about to start a new site. Useful SEO techniques can guarantee that your site is designed in search engine-friendly way. A valuable SEO can improve an existing site and help to correctly start the new one. If you want to hire a special SEO consultant or expert, investigate all the information about their previous projects.

Find out if a SEO agency can answer these useful questions:

  • Can you show the results of your previous projects and share the successful completion of your work?
  • Do you provide any online marketing services or advice to add to your organic search business?
  • What results can be achieved and in what period of time? How do you measure your success?
  • Have you got any experience in my industry/ my region/ in developing international websites?
  • Innumerate your most significant SEO techniques?
  • How long have you worked in this sphere?
  • Can we discuss the changes you make to my website, and can you provide overall information about these modifications?

While choosing a SEO agency be aware of unfair SEO consultants. Learn more about a SEO you will hire to be sure to get valuable services for your site.